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The Birth of Shandals®

Since designing Shandals® in 1992, I have been wearing and making Shandals® by hand for hundreds of clients from all over the world.

Over these last 26 years, Ruth, my former apprentice and I have had many accolades from clients for the healing qualities, durability and comfort of Shandals®.

Clients range between the ages of 3-93. Shandals® are unisex and uniage as they are the shape of normal healthy feet.

If you have damaged feet or bunions then I recommend the Lace-up Design, because of the support they give and because they have the most adjustment over the arch and are the most therapeutic and healing of the three designs I make.

I originally designed the Lace-up Shandals® for a client with bunions back in 1992. With a bunion the Arch tends to collapse and flatten, bit like in Judo when the wrist is twisted and the whole body has to somersault. The combination of a straight inside edge and big toe thong guides the big toes straighter, which lifts the arch, which is then embraced and supported by the soft uppers when the laces are tightened. Just like normal, healthy, bare feet. 

Because the toes can spread, they get exercised, so naturally strengthen - Children’s feet develop naturally as they should and damaged feet have a chance to heal.

Over time, that strength is reflected in stronger arches, ankles and legs. Clients become agile and light on their feet. 

The circulation improves, so cold feet warm, even in Winter and without socks... and they can be worn as slippers throughout the year.

The older Shandals get, the more comfortable they become.

The Uppers are double stitched to the 5-6mm leather soles. which are firm, but soft. So your unique footprints embed into the soles. The 5mm Tyre tread soles are designed to last many years and then you can simply send them back to us to be resoled.

You will find a range of unlined ‘off the shelf’ Shandals on the website but we specialise in providing a Bespoke service if you wish order yourself some unique Shandals® made especially for you, from a larger range of colours. Please see our individual sites www.AlanJamesRaddon.co.uk or www.RuthEmilyDavey.co.uk

We guarantee and you will fall in love with your Shandals® and that love affair will last a lifetime. - Alan James Raddon Oct 2018